Image: Courtesy of Free Library of Philadelphia - Digital Collection on the Philadelphia Centennial, 1876.

'Carpet Cornucopia'

I have recently been undergoing research surrounding the Philadelphia Centennial of 1876 and  have been mainly drawn to carpets and rug items that were on display during the exposition.

As part of the West Park Arts Festival on June 9th, 2018 I will be making a new artwork titled, 'Carpet Cornucopia'.  Amid the hustle and bustle of the festival - an area of rest and relaxation will be created for festival attendees to enjoy.  A pop up tent will be positioned along the street, (where other vendors will be set up).  Piles and piles of rugs shall be placed inside the tent, (of all types).  Attendees will be invited to take a rug and sit on the grass, (away from the main busy area) to relax, rest, think, enjoy food and drink, and to chat with fellow festival - goers.

I'm asking for donations of carpets/ rugs for this art piece.   I am looking for small to large type rugs that people can take to sit on.  My research has drawn me specifically to Persian Rugs, and rugs originating from the Middle East however this is not a prerequisite to this piece and rugs of any type are most welcome.  If you have a carpet/ rug in your house that needs a good airing out then I would happily take it for the day and return it to you after the one - day festival. I am also looking to borrow any fabrics/ brightly colored materials to clad the tent itself for some extra pizazz.

If you would like to help me in some way with my project I'd be so grateful  - OR if you know a wholesale/ shop/ person who has an ample supply of rugs I'd love to hear more.